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Birthdate:Dec 12
"What happened to your face?"
"Cut myself shavin'. What happened to yours?"

Hex is a bounty hunter with an uncanny knack for staying alive, much to the dismay to most people who know him.

Most people try to avoid him; those who don't tend to lean towards attempting to kill him. Only one man has ever come close: Quentin Turnbull. Jonah isn't fond of discussing Turnbull (and with the man dead for years, he doesn't need to) and given that the man was responsible for the death of his wife and son, it's best for all that involved that he doesn't come up in conversation.

[Jonah will be set prior to the events of canon -- which in this this case, is the 2010 film version, Jonah Hex starring Josh Brolin. Source material, backstory, and such will also be pulled from the film version, not the comics.]

Hex is always dressed in his old CSA uniform -- grey wool vest, trousers, cavalry coat (with cape hood), slouch hat (with CSA emblem and cord), leather boots -- and is always armed with his revolver and a tomahawk, and may have another weapon or two tucked away.

His face is marred by an old burn scar on the right cheek, which pulls his mouth up into a constant sneer. He's sunburnt and dirty and doesn't give a damn about when the last time he had a bath was, so you shouldn't either -- unless you want to start something with him, but he'd advise against it.

Those with the ability to sense the supernatural will definitely notice something 'off' with Hex -- he's been described as having 'one foot in the grave and one foot out'. He can communicate with the dead -- as long he's touching the corpse. It's for this reason, if your character is dead, please be aware that any physical contact with Jonah will be painful (a slow burn from the inside out) and ultimately lead to the one being touched being turned to ash and destroyed.

[Any questions can be addressed to the mun via PM.]

Not actually Jonah Hex and not employed or claiming to be involved with DC Comics or Legendary Pictures (or anyone else responsible for the creation of the character and/or canon which he comes from) -- this is just an RP journal for use with [info]mixed_muses&[info]milliways_bar gameplay, and no profit is being made from the writing exercise.
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